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Product name : ANR L2 Hi-Lite in ear aviation headset
Item : ANR L2 Hi-Lite
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NEW UFQ ANR L2 Hi-Lite in ear aviation headset Active Noise Reduction aviation headset
- our 2019 new product Patent is pending 

This item is Available NOW!!
One of the best ANR aviation headsets in the world!
New ANR L2 Hi-Lite - Compare to or Better than XXXX  Proxxxxt
It is the result of our R&D team years 
hard working and continuous improvements.

UFQ L2 Unboxing  

Really great active noise canceling ANR function-The same level with the famous brand 

Very light in weight and comfortable - ONLY 175g in weight 

Super comfortable for long time wear, let you enjoy flying all the time
Use 2 x AA batteries, two new batteries can work more than 48 hours

Premium noise cancelling electret microphone ensures crystal clear communication every time

dual volume controls on the control box

MP3/Radio/iPod/iPad Compatible with link cable included

Always enjoy Hi-Fi sound quality for the music

Link cable for Cellphone or mp3 included.
With Mono/Stereo Switch 
Professional ANR aviation headset on the plane while Great ANC headsets for home use or travelling use. 
A good quality headset bag included for every headset. 

We have different connectors for this item 
1) GA twin plugs or Boing connector 
2) Helicopter U174/U single plug 
3) Airbus 5 pin XLR male 
4) Lemo 6 pin male 

Usually GA twin plugs as default 
If you want other connector please leave us a message when you make the order 


UFQ connectors

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